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Games are played only every fortnight, and only consist of 4 x 13 minute quarters. Additionally, training is around 1 hour long (with drinks afterwards), but completely optional.

We have a mix of members. Those that play, those that train, and those that just want to be involved in the social side of the club. We welcome new members of all types.

We have players ranging from 35 years old, right up to those in their late 60s. Our games and training sessions are designed to include players of all skill levels, so come down and have a kick!

No, there are modifications designed to allow mature players the opportunity to participate safely in our great game of Australian Rules Football and to compete with similarly aged players. This includes more rules to protect the player in front, keeping knees down, no sling tackles and the umpires regulating the game to remove rough conduct. The opportunity to participate, to compete, to be physically active, healthy and fit is the main motivation of the players in our competition. Winning is not important with our games being played in the spirit of “FOOTBALL FOR KICKS”, so there’s no scoring (though we really all know who won *wink), no ladder and no finals. This takes unnecessary aggression out of the game and turns the focus onto participation, with the social interaction between all teams and players promoted as an important feature of our organisation.

Injuries can’t be eliminated in Australian rules football (or any sport for that matter). However, we take steps to reduce the risk primarily through our “Footy for Kicks” ethos and the modified rules. In games, players actively adjust their level of physicality to match the opponent. If someone is older or slower or less mobile, there is no need to tackle hard, although tackling is an integral part of the game and part of the enjoyment. Some blokes just train and don’t play matches. In training, it’s very much at your own pace and many guys will train just to their level of fitness then stop—there’s no ridicule or judgement it’s great to just show up. We believe that through improved fitness and socialising our members increase their overall well-being that more than compensates for the chance of injury. This includes the mental health benefits from staying active with a great bunch of people from all different walks of life. Many of our members openly talk about how joining the club changed their life and turned them around from the mental health traps that strike many middle-aged men.

Yes, but it doesn’t cover medical and you should still consider your own private health insurance needs. One of the benefits included in registration is coverage by the Paraplegic Benefit Fund. Registered players are covered 24/7 365 days per year, not just for football related accidents.  A $250,000 payment upon sustaining a permanent spinal cord injury applies. Cover runs from 1st April till 31st March.  Whilst we hope no one ever needs this insurance there is peace of mind knowing that it exists.  Note: registration does not cover medical costs of an injury beyond the spinal injuries above. It is incumbent on all of us to make sure private health insurance and ambulance cover is in place to meet personal needs.   And if you haven’t been to the GP for your annual check-up, preseason is a timely reminder.

Not yet, but we’re trying to get there! AFL masters WA is building up the AFLW competition. If you are interested, please hit us up through our contact form. In particular, we’re actively looking for a coach for a women’s team.

Our annual fees are $300 for playing members and $70 for social members. We also offer payment plans if you can’t make full up front payment.

Given our busy lives, we understand that training isn’t for everyone. As such, it is 100% optional. We train at 6pm on Wednesday nights throughout the football season.

The AFL Masters season runs from April to September and we play games every second week.

No! We have footballers with a huge range of experience, from those that have played in high level amateurs, to those that are kicking a football for the first time. We offer a relaxed, fun environment for all skill levels.

We’d like to think so. In all honesty, we’re just a bunch of guys like you that want to improve their fitness, have a kick of the footy with mates, and get away from the daily grind of family and work life for a few hours. Come down and have a beer to see for yourself!

The 2024 season has started! Interested in joining or want further info? Contact us.