About Us

Our football club is made up of a number of individuals that generously give their time to ensure our ongoing success, both on and off the field.

Below you will find a list of the current committee members and coaches.

Wembley Vets Football Club Team


  • President Craig Watts
  • Vice-President Steve Chidgzey
  • Treasurer Mike Rowney
  • Asst Treasurer Anton Avila
  • Secretary Ben Powell
  • Comms Jason Waller
  • Asst Comms Dan O’Leary
  • Registrar Alex Campbell
  • Asst Registrar Marcus Easthope
  • Events Tony Young
  • Sponsorship Brett Wallace
  • Bar Ops Gary O’Donnell
  • Merchandise Lui D’Adamo
  • WAM Delegate Tony Young
  • WAC Delegate Martin Heller


  • Supers Craig Earl-Spurr
  • Masters Dan Vulinovic
  • Seniors Mike Ehlers
  • Training Coach Bryn Chilton
  • General Committee Members Noel Freisen, Damien Bennet
The 2024 season has started! Interested in joining or want further info? Contact us.