Moombarriga was established by Shane Evans in 2005 to provide specialised MT acquisition and modelling services.

Shane grew his client base in Australia working for Government agencies and mineral and geothermal exploration companies, establishing a reputation for delivering highest quality data. Moombarriga has continued to develop both methodology and capacity and provides expertise in all aspects of MT surveying.

In 2017 Moombarriga expanded into specialised IP data acquisition, collaborating with Search Exploration services. Moombarriga’s experience allowed them to deliver high quality data products for their clients and in 2018, Moombarriga acquired Search Exploration services, ensuring ongoing capacity and expertise for high-powered IP surveying. 2018 also saw Moombarriga establish an office in Canada to provide MT services to the North American market.

Moombarriga maintains strong relationships with companies and universities providing access to some of the most widely recognised scientists in the MT and IP industry. Moombarriga continue to grow their technical capabilities to provide an expert service that is responsive to their clients needs and embraces new technologies to remain at the cutting edge of these techniques.

Moombarriga is a Noongar (Nyungar) word for “Cherry Tree” and also the name of his parents’ farm in southern Western Australia.

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