Dedication to Craig (The Roo Dog) Vivean


Roo Dog was a larger than life character. Craig “The Roo Dog” Vivean was a much loved, self-employed plumber who called the North Cottesloe Hotel – His “office”.

The Clubman

Roo Dog was always the first one to put his hand in his pocket when the club was not travelling too well financially. At pre-season training one time, the previous years’ footballs were pulled out and revealed to be in poor shape. We were told the club had no money to buy new ones. Next week Craig turned up to training with two brand new footballs. His acts of generosity also included contributing to the cost of new football jumpers, the cost of our social functions and always not wanting any public recognition for this. Clearly the football club was very important to Roo Dog and he was most important to the Wembley Vets.

The Sportsman

Craig loved all water sports including fishing and diving and was a member of the Cottesloe Crabs Masters swim club. With the type of guy he was, Roo Dog would get out of bed at 4am to go and pull craypots at Rottnest before work, just to lend a hand to a mate in his seventies who could not do it on his own. Roo Dog  was well known, well loved, and very active with the Variety Club Children’s Charity, and he would often run amok on their Variety Club Bash events.

The Footballer

At around 190cm and 90kg, Roo Dog possessed the physique that all modern day footballers want. Unfortunately like many of us, he also had the curse of the “dodgy knees”. Despite limited capacity to stop, turn or jump, Roo Dog was an almost unbeatable full forward. He was a deceptively fast lead, had very sure one-grab hands and was an accurate and reliable kick for goal

The Socialite

Often the first to turn up to a club event he was usually also one of the last to leave, always asking “Where are we going now?” Roo Dog possessed loads of charm and loved to have a good time. He was always the life of the party. People were always drawn to him. In some ways he was our very own Errol Flynn. Men wanted to be just like him and women just wanted him!


Such was the respect for and influence of Roo Dog at the Wembley Vets club it was decided to name our team MVP award in his honour after his untimely passing in 2013.