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Wembley V Kalgoorlie @ Nungarin Oval

July 4, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Nungarin..the tradition continues.

Fueled up on Bassie Bacon and Egg Burgers as the morning fog began to lift, a bunch of footy mates set

off from Wembley Oval for the halfway house of Nungarin and the annual contest with the Kalgoorlie




As is customary, Jake was ‘up and about’ early giving lip to all and sundry – barely tolerable in the

cramped confines of the Coaster bus! When one of the loud and annoying audible bus alarms happened

to start up during the trip, bus driver Terry was asked to keep it going to drown out the yapping!

Thankfully, by the time the Bakers Hill bakery stop beckoned, his batteries had run low or Monty had

successfully subdued him (he may have been feeling nauseous due to the fumes coming out of

Monty!) We also found out why Bassie is such a health nut now… Apparently when he was at college his

300-pound room-mate at the time encouraged him to drink as much as he could from his inexhaustible

supply of coke cans!



Along with Frommy who made the trip down from Karratha, we were joined by the infamous Gibbo

(who just came for the ride given his playing ban) and a couple of ring-ins, Dan and Dave from the

Eastern Hills Cats who joined in the bus banter and general abuse directed back at Yappa! Bobby from

the Cats and Dale from the Pigs met up with us at Nungarin.



After the traditional photos on a lower stretch of the pipeline (no stumbling Sarge this year), we arrived

to some threatening storm clouds looming over Nungarin’s sporting club and a damp ground underfoot.



No sign of the Miners until 10 minutes before game time – clearly in no hurry to start proceedings! The

much anticipated arrival on the ground of 80-year old Cobber kept the crowd happy though! Speaking of

old bastards, Brainy donned the yellow ‘no tackle’ jumper and then proceeded to give BJ heaps for not

doing the same! Wally was happy to throw on the Miners red, white and black to ‘even’ up things and

soon became a target after the first bounce…



Wembley took some time to settle in the first quarter against the wind (a few turnovers as we kept

kicking to ‘black’ targets with little discernible difference in our jumpers from a distance! FFS Wally –

white jumpers next year!) but with Bobby (Eastern Cats) dominating in the ruck and Dale (Pigs), Space

and Brett Smith (nickname pending) presenting well, we wrested the ascendancy and got a few majors

before quarter time. Highlights were Brett Smith popping one from in close for our first major and Bassie

getting a pinpoint, lace out from Jakey to then fluff it from thirty!



We picked up the pace and the pressure in the second with some good transition from half-back via

Frommy and Sandy and really started to get on top – Rob and Mike Rowney (get a nickname please)

prominent and Monty starting to show flashes of old. Bassie got more mobile up front and converted to

get us moving. Solid contributions from the Eastern Cats boys also. Best comment of Q2 was someone

shouting out to Jason – ‘you’ve got time, Space!’ The niggle between Wally and Yappa had not gone

unnoticed by the umpire…so much so that as Sandy overheard them discussing it at half time, he quickly

enlightened them that they are actually team mates and nothing would come of it (although we all

hoped something would!)

Second half saw Wembley’s continued dominance although reward up forward was somewhat lacking.

Pablo had a couple of ‘near misses’ after some penetrating Frommy kicks and a couple more were

touched on the line – notably Monty’s effort from 50 as he got on the end of a sweeping move from half

back. The Yank did well along with Frommy and the midfield held their end up well too. Good efforts

from Kenny, BJ, Brainy across the ground in a resounding team effort. Mike Rowney (that man again), in

an attempt snap Cobber’s brittle calcium-deficient bones, almost dacked the yellow shorts off him in yet

another one of this frenzied tackling efforts. He was quickly reminded of the obvious sin of touching the

revered elder statesman! Proving that he can be inept no matter which team he plays for, we all enjoyed

watching Wally handball into Chappy’s back when he should have been pumping the ball into the

Kalgoorlie forward line. He recovered the ball but was then pinged for a throw, the result of which was

yet another forward entry for the good guys….



Final siren and a game to remember that was played in wonderful spirit – cue the ‘beers and bullshit’ as

we all shared a laugh with the Kalgoorlie Boys on the day’s proceedings. We all enjoyed watching a

spirited Nungarin comeback in the second term of the main game after the initial onslaught from

Bencubbin – their version of the ‘flying doormat’ Bruce Doull, a chubby indigenous sharpshooter, was

popping and snapping them from everywhere and then celebrating with customary flourish to the

delight of the fans!



The award ceremony at the half-time break of the Nungarin-Bencubbin game was highlighted by

Cobber’s short cameo where he unveiled a memorial shield to record past and future battles between

the Magpies and the Miners (which Wally gleefully accepted and proceeded to celebrate with his

teammates…ie. the Miners!). A special award was given by Kalgoorlie to Mike Rowney for his brutal

attack on Cobber – ‘Aids’ from Kalgoorlie asked if he could do a proper job next so they no longer have to

put up with Cobber). Rob (Prowler) won the chocolates as Wembley’s best on the day by the Miners. We

gave our vote to ‘Aids’ from the Miners as their BOG. A special ‘wood duck’ award also went to Chappy

for his poorly executed ‘Dustin Martin fend-off’ on Mike Rowney only to be unceremoniously dumped –

Chappy, it might pay to learn about your opposition players a bit more.



A few of us then paid our $3 to check out the ‘Nungarin Fashion parade’ in the clubrooms, where a few

reluctant fillies were showing off some the country’s finest (the main objective being to gain unlimited

access to the table of home-cakes, slices and other goodies!) Nunz, they were asking where you were as

they’d set up an extra table of food based on last years performance!



4th of July didn’t go unnoticed as the bus was decked out in ‘Stars and Stripes for Bassie’s pleasure only

for him to be continuously labelled as a ‘Southern Canadian’ all the way home (good work Space!) The

wooden version of Wal got a good work-out on the way home to open the copious bottles on offer and

it even made its way close to Bassie’s ear at one stage outside Kellerberrin!



About six ‘piss stops’ later (Brainy, time to get that prostate checked), empty bottles and some even

emptier heads fell out of the bus back at Wembley. A few bemused looks from some of WAGs as they

rocked up to pick up the fatherly flock.



Thanks to Jakey, Bass and particularly Wal for organising a top day out.



In the aftermath of the tragic passing of Phil Walsh, it was a day to remember how great it is to be part

of a footy club.

Bring on 2016!





July 4, 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Nungarin Oval, Nungarin
Nungarin Oval
Nungarin, 6490 Australia
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